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    Cheese Burger, a timeless classic reimagined for the connoisseur. We start with a juicy, perfectly seasoned beef patty, grilled to…

  • Philly Cheesesteak

    Indulge in the mouthwatering pleasure of our Philly Cheesesteaks, where every bite is a symphony of savory goodness. The succulent…

  • Gyros

    Indulge in the delightful experience of our Gyros, where the aromatic blend of spices, the tenderness of the meats, and…


    For an additional (add fries & drinks to Sandwich’s or wings)

  • French Fries

    Savor the irresistible joy of our French Fries, where every bite is a symphony of textures and flavors. The golden…

  • Onion Rings

    Indulge in the satisfying crunch and savory goodness of our Onion Rings, where every bite is a celebration of perfectly…

  • Tenders

    Immerse yourself in the delicious experience of our Chicken Tenders, where each bite offers the perfect balance of crispy exterior…

  • Wings

    Savor our mouthwatering wings—crispy, tender, and bursting with flavor. Perfect for any occasion, they’re sure to satisfy your cravings!

  • Chicken Nuggets offer a harmonious blend of crispy exterior and juicy chicken. The expert seasoning enhances the natural flavors, making…


    Indulge in three tender tilapia fillets, each bursting with flavor and freshness. Versatile and easy to prepare, these fillets offer…

  • Catfish

    Savor the unmatched taste of our premium catfish fillets. Freshly sourced and expertly prepared, these tender fillets offer a delicate…

  • Each forkful captures the perfect harmony of cheesy, smoky, and creamy notes, offering a taste journey that satisfies every craving.…

  • Fried Mushroom

    Immerse yourself in the delectable experience of our Fried Mushrooms, where the combination of crispiness and mushroom richness creates a…

  • mozzarella stick

    Experience the joy of comfort food with our Mozzarella Sticks, where the satisfying crunch of the outer layer meets the…

  • jalapeno poppers

    Immerse yourself in the bold and creamy experience of our Jalapeño Poppers, where each bite delivers a burst of flavor.…

  • Sauce Sides


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